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Most Useful Ways to get Real Instagram Followers

Instagram quickly outgrew its first impression for all types of audiences like either they are teens, adults, and mature. All of them use Instagram with the same interest and joy. It also becomes a platform for content marketing, selling, branding, and advertising the products. In fact, over 500 million users browse the app every day and it becomes one of the most engaging audience apps on the planet.

       How to increase Instagram followers

The average Instagram engagement rates for brands were 58 times higher than Facebook. But if you also want to sell or advertise your product then you had to attract the audience and the most difficult task on Instagram is to attract an organic (Real) audience to your content.
In this post, we will show you how to attract the most effective audience to your content and increase their engagement on your page.
So, By following these ways properly you can attract people to your content:-

1. Be Creative and use Attractive Photos.

       How to increase Instagram Followers

First of all, you have to be very creative and use the most amazing, high quality, and attractive photo which can divert the focus of the users to your post. The photo or image you use should be related to your content and should describe most of your details itself.
If there is an attractive photo it makes the user visit your profile and explore your content more and more and if he likes, then for sure he follows you to remain updated to the topic.

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2. Use Proper Hashtags.

      How to increase Instagram Followers

Always use popular and trending hashtags it will let you additional engagement and likes from those who are not your followers, however, they will not lead to increased long-term engagement but for sure they make users engage the audience to your post.
To find relevant and proper hashtags you can use free online tools like IconoSquare or websta to find the proper hashtags according to your post.

3. Use Hashtags in Stories and engage your Followers.

        How to increase Instagram Followers

You should also be using hashtags in your stories for the chance to be seen by those users who follow that specific hashtag. By doing this there is a chance for your story to be seen by both users who are following that hashtag or who's just checking it out.
Use contests, polls, and quizzes on your stories to interact with your followers so that they do not get bored and unfollow you. You should repost your post on your stories to tell your followers about your new post and tell them to check it out and give their review on that. By doing this they became engaged to your content and you will get your audience regularly.

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4. Post on Instagram at the right time

        How to increase Instagram Followers

Beyond adding the appropriate hashtags and stories, you should also consider the appropriate timing of your post. You have to analyze your account by doing a survey that which time gives you the best engagement of the users and the best result.
You can check the timing of your post and analyze the analytics in that particular interval of time.

5. By switching to Business Account

By switching to the business account you can also use the great analytics tool of Instagram to check the progress of your post. It tells you about the impressions, reaches, profile visits, and many other important things about your post which you can use to improve the results of your upcoming post. It also tells about the interaction of your post with those users who are not following you in percentage. For example if your post has 100 interactions and 20 are of the users who are not following you so it will that that 20% of the interactions are from those who didn't follow your account.

6. Steal Followers from other users on Instagram

       How to increase Instagram Followers

It is the best way to attract the audience to your content. To do this you had to stalk those creators(users) who had similar content to yours. For example, if you have a fact page then go to another fact page on Instagram which has many followers and you only had to interact with them. To interact with them you should

  • Follow the users as much as you want
  • Like their one or more pics
  • Comment on the photo
By doing this you can show your presence to them on Instagram and show them your content. There is the maximum probability that they will follow back you in return because you follow those users who have an interest in your content because they follow the accounts similar to your content. So basically, you know that their field of interest is related to your content. This process is very effective and if you follow around a hundred users then there is a probability that at least 50 users will follow back you.

7. Use Apps to manage the record of your followers

        How to increase Instagram Followers

Instagram does not give you information about those users who unfollow your account. So to check this you can use external apps to check who follows you and can check the user who most checks out your profile and gives you most likes and comments.
Some of the apps are iAssistant and Followers for IG. These apps are free and easy to use

8. Use Geotags on Instagram for local discoverability

      How to increase Instagram Followers

Besides hashtags, you can also make your Instagram posts and Stories discoverable by adding your location. Location not only has its own Instagram feed but also its own story just like hashtags. They engage the users who search these locations and live thereby.

9. Ask Users to follow you

       How to increase Instagram Followers

It sounds weird but it is ok to ask your audience to follow you. Like the same way, Youtubers ask the viewers to subscribe you can say them to follow you for more amazing content like this.
Many times people enjoy and like your content but need a push to follow you. You just need to remind them to follow you like in the above example you can make a certain post with the main post for a reminder for users to follow your account.
 Like this user  (  you can check out the page), who makes a separate post for a follow reminder and by seeing this post some users follow the account due to human mentality and you can also say them to follow your account in your comment section or in the caption of your post.

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10. Be Consistent

Your followers follow you because they want to remain in touch with your content from time to time.
You should post your content from time to time to interact with them regularly but you should not try to post your most of the content in a short time it makes the feed of followers filled with only your content and there is a chance that they can unfollow you. So you should remain patient, consistent and should always post quality content.

In this post we talked about the most effective ways to grow your Instagram account and we hope you try to follow these methods and achieve your goal.


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