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Lockdown 4.0 - Everything you should know

Lockdown 4.0
PM Modi addressing the nation.
As we all know that for the last 48 days we have been inside our homes because of the lockdown, and everyone is thinking that when all this will end and when we will be able to start our former life back. How many such questions come to our mind in the day, but we also have to admit that after Lockdown 3.0, now we have all stood on the verge of Lockdown 4.0.
We have many questions and thoughts and thoughts in our mind regarding our life, daily routine, and obviously our job like:-

  • Will Lockdown 4.0 take place or not?
  • If applied, how long can it take?
  • Which people will get relief in this?
  • Which services will remain operational?

Why is Lockdown 4.0 important?

See, it is clear that the lockdown is in the interest of the country if the proper steps are not taken by our government at the right time, then the problem in our country could have increased further, but to a large extent, the situation in our country is under control and in comparison with other countries we are in a much better position. But still, Corona cases are not decreasing in our country and the cases are increasing with each new day. We can take the example of the US where the number of patients increases at such a fast rate that it is nearly impossible for them to stop or slow down the number of Corona cases because with every single day the total cases increase with a huge amount of number.

Lockdown 4.0

Therefore, there is no other way for the government rather than to increase Lockdown. And if seen, it is right in the country's interest because we cannot make a mistake like Italy.
We do not even have the means and services of medical treatment that if we come to a situation like Italy, then we aren't able to take care of it. Therefore it is better to increase the demise and prevent people from coming out of the house and the situation in the country should be brought back to normal.

Will Lockdown 4.0 take place or not?

If we talk about whether the demolition will be extended or not, then by going through news or newspaper articles, you must have understood that there is a need for the demolition and it is confirmed by the government so if you were thinking that the demolition would be removed and you would return to your previous then It will not happen.

Lockdown 4.0

It is a fact that people who seek national interest will welcome Lockdown and follow it firmly. So, it has been decided that the country is now in need of lockdown 4.0 and we have to be fully prepared for it.

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How many days can the lockdown be extended?

The experts and analysts believe that this folklore should be extended for a moderate period so that it is neither for short days and it should not be too much. Therefore, the expectation is that there is speculation of extending Lockdown by 1 June 2020. And if seen, 1 June is a period which is neither far enough nor too close so it is being speculated that the government can extend the lockdown till 1 June.

Which services will remain operational?

The services till now which you were getting relief, whether there are medical services or other such essential services, then these services will remain operational and at the same time, more services can be added in this thought like railway, or other essential services. In this folk, emphasis will be laid on running back services gradually so that the economy of the country can be handled and the needs of the people can also be met.

Lockdown 4.0

Planes, Buses to be allowed in selected areas in Lockdown like the areas which are in the green zone
and where the number of cases is very low. Local buses will start running with limited capacity in non-hotspot zones. Autos and taxis will also be allowed, with restrictions on the number of passengers.

Effect of Corona and Lockdown on Country.

Lockdown 4.0

As Lockdown is increasing further regularly it also affects the economy of the country. Many people can't go to their work, many businesses or factories are shut down, due to this economy of our country going down rapidly. People who do their daily jobs like laborers and others can't go to their jobs and unable to earn money for them or their families. Police and government are doing efforts to help such people by giving them food and other necessary items needed for survival.

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What should we do?

All we can do is to remain at our home until the lockdown ends and help the poor and needy people by giving them food or other stuff. We should not argue with Police officers and fight with them for the unusual stuff and the most important thing we should do is that always purchase the products which are manufactured in India or we can say "Swadeshi Products" which helps in increasing the economy of the country and gives us the strength to stand against Corona and Fight bravely.

Lockdown 4.0

We should install the ArogyaSetu app in our smartphones and be aware of the areas where the number of cases is greater and which comes in the red zone.
We should be thankful and grateful to the doctors and the police officers who are helping the government and people with such loyalty.

Lockdown 4.0

In the End, We can only say that Stay Home Stay Safe and take care care of yours and your family.


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