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Biography of Maharana Pratap: The great

Maharana Pratap was a renowned king of Mewar, Rajasthan in north-western India. He is one of the greatest Rajput warriors who stood up against the Mughal Empire to conquer their territory from them. He resisted every time to bow and handover his territory to the Mughal dynasty and fought courageously and bravely till his last breathe.

wallpaper of Maharana Pratap
Portrait of  Maharana Pratap

He is a symbol of Rajput valor, gallantry, and pride. He is the only Rajput warrior who takes on the might of the Mughal Emperor, Akbar. He clashed with the Mughal emperor Akbar for many years and also defeated Mughals many times in the battle. The Entire Mughal Kingdom was also an admirer of his valor and bravery. His name is immortal for valor and determination in history. He has a Horse named "Chetak" who is well-known for his bravery, speed, and loyalty towards his master Maharana Pratap.

Early Life and Childhood

Details of Maharana Pratap
Details of Pratap
Maharana Pratap was born on 9th May 1540 in Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan. His father was Udai Singh II and his mother was Rani Jaiwanta Bai. He was called Kika in his childhood. He had three younger brothers Shakti Singh, Vikram Singh, and Jagmal Singh. Since childhood, He was courageous, brave, self-respecting, and freedom-loving.

In 1567, Mughal forces surrounded their capital, but instead of fighting with them Udai Singh left the capital and shifted to Gogunda. Maharana resisted their decision and wanted to stay there and fight with the Mughals, but the elders of the family intervened and convinced him by saying that this is the right decision to cope with the situation.

In 1572, after the death of his father Rana Udai Singh, Rani Dheer Bai insisted that this is the time for Jagmal to handle the crown and administration as he was the eldest son of Udai Singh, but the senior nobles, especially the Chundawat Rajputs insisted that Maharana Pratap was a better choice to deal with the well-known condition. This is how Maharana Pratap succeeded his father to the throne.
In 1572, Pratap had just become the Maharana of Mewar.

Battles for Mewar

 The pain of his father's death and the truth that his father had not been able to see Chittor again troubled him very much but he was not the only one who was not in trouble at that time. Akbar was the other one who was in trouble because he had control of Chittor but not the kingdom of Mewar.
Akbar wants to be called "Jahapanah of Hindustan" but due to the loyalty of the people of Mewar toward Maharana, he started to lose his ambition. Akbar had sent many messengers to Mewar to sign a treaty but Rana was only willing to sign the letter for the sovereignty of Mewar.

In 1573, Akbar sent six diplomatic missions to Mewar to convince Pratap to sign the forms but Pratap turned down each of them. Last of them was headed by the Brother-in-law of Akbar himself, Rana Maan Singh. With all these failures, In 1573, Akbar blockaded Mewar for the rest of the world and isolated them from Mewar's own relatives, and friends. Akbar then makes false rumors trying to turn the people of Mewar against their King.

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 He appointed the younger brother of Pratap, Kunwar Sagar Singh to rule over the conquered territory. But after some time, he regretted his own betrayal and committed suicide for his dreadful deed in the court of Akbar by his dagger. Pratap's other younger brother Shakti Singh, who also submitted himself to the Mughal Empire before, fled the Mughal court and warned Pratap of Akbar's actions.

Battle of Haldighati
Preparing for the battle of Haldighati

To prepare themselves for the historical war with the Mughals, Maharana Pratap moved his capital to Kumbhalgarh, his birthplace. He ordered his troops to go for Aravali mountains and asked them not to leave any traces for the enemies also the Bhils of Aravali were following them from behind. Army of Mewar raided the Mughals trade from Delhi to Surat.
They divided themselves into groups, some of them guarded all the Important passes of Haldighati. So the only way for Mughals to get into Udaipur was North, which was guarded by Maharana Pratap himself. Maharana swore that he would eat from leaf-plates, would sleep on the floor of leaves, lives in the hut of bamboos and mud, and would not shave until he freed Mewar from Mughals.

 The Famous Battle Of Haldighati

The famous battle of Haldighati was fought in 1576, with 20,000 Rajputs and 80,000 Mughals commanded by Rana Maan Singh. This was incredible, Maharana Pratap fought with such bravery and courage that even the Mughal army kept on watching his strength and braveness.

Maharana Pratap and Bahlol Khan
Pratap killing Bahlol Khan by his sword

In the battle, Bahlol Khan, one of a Mughal commander came to attack Maharana Pratap from behind but Maharana manages to see it and attack him back with such great energy that when Bahlol Khan came near to attack Maharana, he struck him with the blow of his sword and sliced him into two pieces along with his horse. Pratap's army was not defeated but there was a time when he was surrounded by many Mughal Soldiers alone but it is said that at this time, his younger brother Shakti Singh came and saved Maharana's life.


Another historical casualty of this war was the famous horse of Maharana Pratap, "Chetak". He was very aggressive and loyal and can only be controlled by Pratap. It is said that when Maharana wants to go near Maan Singh to try his life, Chetak made its way through the tough army and took Maharana near the elephant on which Maan Singh was seated, then he lifted his forelegs and placed it on the hooves on the face of the elephant, then Maharana attempted to kill Maan Singh by his spear but misfired and killed the person who manages the elephant. In this attempt, Chetak was badly injured due to the swords which were on the hooves of the elephant.

Chetak and the elephant
Pratap trying to kill Maan Singh with the help of Chetak

Another incident of Chetak was when he saved the life of Maharana from the battlefield and took him to a safe place. To do this, he even jumped over a flowing river with its extremely wounded leg and severe pain, but he manages to cross the river, fell down, and died at the lap of Maharana Pratap.

Chetak and Maharana Pratap
Chetak died after rescuing Maharana Pratap

After this war, Akbar tried several times to take over Mewar but failed every time. He attacked the army of Maharana Pratap several times and due to this the army of Maharana became weaker also he didn't have enough money to manage their army. It is said that Bhama Shah, one of his ministers came and offered him all his wealth which is enough to manage the army of 25,000 soldiers for 12 years. 

Bhama Shah and Maharana Pratap
Bhama Shah offering his money to Maharana Pratap

It is said that before this money incident, he was beginning to lose his spirit by fighting Akbar. He felt extreme pain while watching his son eating bread made from grass which was stolen by a dog.
After watching this he began to have doubts about his decision to not submit himself before Akbar and at this moment he wrote a letter to Akbar about his hardship. When Akbar showed this letter in his court to everyone, one of his courtier Prithiraj, who was an admirer of Maharana refused to accept this by saying that this a foe, done to defame the King of Mewar. He requested Akbar that he wanted to write a letter to Pratap, possibly to find out the fact of his submission, but with a view to actually stopping it.

The famous letter led to Pratap to revert back to his decision, not to surrender to Mughals. Akbar took his battles in India's Northwest Frontier and Punjab. In the last ten years of his life, Maharana freed most of Mewar, including, Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh, but not Chittor.
Maharana Pratap never won back Chittor but he never gave up fighting to win it back.


Rana Pratap Singh, Mewar's greatest hero, was badly injured in a hunting accident and died in January 1597. His soul left his body at Chavand, aged 56, on January 29, 1597. He died fighting for his nation, his people, and his honor. It is said that when Akbar knew about the death of Maharana Pratap, he cried.


Maharana Pratap is still alive in our hearts and even today people worship him like a god. There are many memorials and statues of Maharana Pratap in many parts of India. In States like Rajasthan, people see him as their god and worship them.

Statues of Maharana Pratap
Statue of  Maharana Pratap


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