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Top 5 Earphones around Rs 500 in 2020

Top 5 Earphones around 500 in 2020- In this article, we will tell you about the best earphones which are in the market and giving you the best experience of music in just a limited budget. There are many earphones available in the market that it is very difficult to choose a good quality earphone in your budget. There are many earphones which don't give good quality of music even though they have a high price while there are also many earphones which gave a good and soothing audio experience in just your budget. The budget in which all the earphones we are showing you is around 500 INR. The purchase link of every product is given which redirects you to amazon for your convenience. So, let's start the list of  Top 5 Earphones around Rs 500 in 2020. Realme Buds So, Our first product is Realme buds, as you can know the branding of the product by the name which is Realme. Let's talk about the features of Realme Buds:- More Bass:- According to Realme, it has 11mm
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How to make money online in India for students

How to make money online in India for students : Hey, readers this post is totally dedicated to the students in India who want to earn a handsome amount of money online and want to fulfill their dreams or requirements. For an Indian student, there are very few parttime offline opportunities due to lack of sectors, but online provides you a handsome opportunity so that you can earn a good amount part-time or full-time. it's totally up to you how much time do you have. In this post, I'll tell you, how students can make money online in India . So, if you are a student from India, then read the entire post with full concentration so that you can get the most of it. Just try to extract out the best methods for you and start working on them with full passion and dedication and see the results in a very less span of time. How to make money online in India for students Each and every student wants to earn money in his life, just because there is nothing without money in tod

How to add Coding box in your blog

In this article, I will tell you about how to add coding box in your blog post. Many of the bloggers write articles on coding like they give coding for a program, giving codes to hack some programs, and writing a technical post but you can't just write coding in your post, you have to write some codes in HTML section and ask the blogger to read them as written text, not in the form of codes. So, let's learn ho to add coding snippets in your blog post. To do this you have to follow the steps which are mentioned below. Step 1:- First of all you have to copy the code which is given below in the box. Select the code from the box below and press Ctrl+C to copy it. <pre style="background: #ffffff; border-width: 0.1em 0.1em 0.1em 0.8em; border: solid gray; line-height: 125%; margin: 0; overflow: auto; width: auto;"> past or enter your code or script here </pre> Step 2:- Then go to the HTML section of your post as shown in the picture below. Step

How to add table of content in Blog post

How to add table of content in Blog Post - If you want to categorize your content and put it in a systematic way in your blog post, then you should go for the table of content. Your user can access any particular element of your blog immediately according to his interest. Let me show you how good Table of Content looks and gives your blog an attractive look. So let's dive in and learn How to add table of content in Blogger ? Benefits of Table of Content The table of content help you in a lot of ways, it has a lot of benefits as well as it helps you enhance your SEO.  It arranges your data systematically. It enhances your readability. It has a good impact on your user. Gives a free-hand to the user to access your blog easily. It enhances your SEO It makes the blog content look attractive. SEO Benefits of Table of Content As we all know that Google always prefers well structured and organized data, then if your blog post contains a table of content an

OnePlus Earbuds could launch in July

One Plus Wireless Earbuds : It is true that OnePlus is doing their homework on Wireless earbuds which are going to be launched in the coming weeks. It is said that OnePlus is going to launch it in July with the new smartphone OnePlus Z. Its design is quite similar to the AirPods of Apple and would be known as OnePlus Buds. Table Of Contents OnePlus Earbuds OnePlus Wireless Buds According to the latest report, the company will name it OnePlus Bud also this report. This report also releases a teaser in which the designs of these buds are shown. According to the teaser, the design is same as AirPods of Apple, which is also copied by companies like Realme, Vivo, and Oppo. OnePlus Earbuds Features Images in the report showing the buds in a case that has a LED in its front which can an indicator to show the status that is either battery is full or low. Apart from this, not much has been known about Oneplus Buds it is respected that these earbuds will be brought

How to order on JioMart by Whatsapp

How to order on JioMart by Whatsapp:- You can place your order on JioMart by using Whatsapp. In this article, we will give you all the information regarding this. But you have to read the article with focus and follow the instructions as they are written. we all are very familiar with Whatsapp, we used this as a medium of communication by sharing thoughts, images, and videos on this. As we all know that Whatsapp is a company of Facebook and recently, Facebook purchases 10% shares of Reliance industries. So, Facebook uses its company Whatsapp for more production on JioMart. Whatsapp Order Booking Service As I tell you about Facebook purchases shares of Reliance. So, they use Whatsapp to provide access to small Grocery shops and Customers to link with JioMart in India. With the help of Whatsapp, users can easily place their orders on JioMart. Place an order on JioMart using WhatsApp Now, I will tell you about how can you place an order on JioMart using Whatsapp.  For y

How to earn money from Instagram

How to earn money from Instagram- Now a days social media is very popular and is one of the most used social media platforms, just because anyone can connect to his friends by creating accounts on social media platforms. To convey information to the people, and connecting the people is the main task of social media but as its reach to the people is increasing day by day, its way of use is also taking many shapes. People are using it for their different types of works. People are using it to share information, audio & video calling, promotion of brands, marketing, as a way of earning from advertisement, etc. Today I'll tell you about one of these uses, also you'll get to know, how you can easily earn money from home by using social media? In this article, I'll provide you detailed information about How to earn money from Instagram. How to earn money from Instagram What is Instagram? Instagram is a social media platform that keeps people engaged. You can sh